Cedar Grove Garden Center | Retail, Landscaping, Tradition.
Cedar Grove Garden Center | Retail, Landscaping, Tradition.
Trees, plants, and landscaping design from the family-owned company with over 125+ years of experience!
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Annual plants are the plants whose entire life cycle is within one year. The spring and summer time is our busiest time of year, when the annuals we sell sprawl across our entire six acre property. Whether you want to grow a vegetable garden, pick up some potted flowers, or have your front yard covered in bright, beautiful colors, the CGGC is your one-stop-shop!


At the storefront, you can often find beautiful potted flowers that make good conversation pieces or even gifts! On the way down to the first greenhouse, you will pass all of the herbs that we offer. At the first greenhouse, you will find beautiful hanging plants, individually potted flowers, and flowering vines. Down at the second greenhouse on the property, you will find small potted fruit trees, bountiful tropical plants, and a wide variety of annuals in flats.


Our most commonly purchased annual flowers are impatiens, New Guinea impatiens, geraniums, vinca, and marigolds. As for vegetables, we have tons of varieties of tomatoes, lettuce, and peppers, just to name a few. Herb gardens are also a common type of garden to have in the summer, especially if you're not quite ready to tend for a larger garden full of vegetables. Some of our herbs include basil, mint, oregano, and cilantro


Our staff is fully knowledgeable of how to tend and care for all of the annual plants we sell, so if you have any questions please feel free to ask! And if you want us to pick up the work and pot your annuals in a nice arrangement- we can do that too! You can pick out the exact flowers, planter, and the arrangement you want and come and pick it up later! Call 973-256-1950 if you would like to discuss this option!